About Only72


Well howdy!

Thanks for stopping by Only72.com and wanting to learn more about us. From left to right (above), we are Rick Mulready, Adam Baker, and Pat Flynn.

The short, quickie version of what we do…

We handpick the best online training or web applications from around the internet and bundle it in a specific package that targets the needs and growing pains of entrepreneurs. We partner with the experts or companies to come together for 72 hours and offer everything at one low price.

It’s fun, intense, and insanely valuable. We love it!

Only72.com officially launched on Cyber Monday 2010 with our very first sale. At that point, these bundles were the love child of Adam Baker and Karol Gajda – two friends who themselves were creating only businesses and wanted the training! Over the first couple years, Only72 held 4 amazing bundles helping over 5,000 entrepreneurs and raising over $50,000 for charitable causes.

In early 2013, Karol shifted his energy completely into his blooming app-building business and Baker recruited Pat Flynn and Rick Mulready to team up and take the Only72 bundles to even new heights!

Baker, Pat, and Rick are ramping things up! Only72 is shifting to focus on even higher quality education — and providing ongoing value after the sale for the entrepreneurs looking to apply the training directly to their businesses.

Looking for more information about the handsome gentlemen behind this madness?

Adam Baker started ManVsDebt.com over 5 years ago to chronicle his families’ journey out of debt (see his TEDx talk here). He retired from active blogging in 2012 to produce a feature-length documentary on complacency called, I’m Fine, Thanks. He now educates and trains filmmakers in telling deeper stories as a partner in Stillmotion, an Emmy award winning studio in Portland, OR.

After spending 12 years in corporate Internet advertising, having worked for AOL, Yahoo!, Funny or Die and Vibrant Media, Rick Mulready left his “day job” at the end of September 2012 to focus full-time on his blog, podcast, consulting and speaking. Through his Inside Social Media podcast, Rick interviews social marketing leaders of many of the largest and most popular companies in the world – and teaches small business owners how to apply the most effective strategies in their own business.

Pat Flynn was laid off from his dream job in architecture in 2008, but after discovering his layoff was a sign that he needed to take control and work for himself, he turned his experience with an exam in the architecture industry into a 6-figure education business within a year. Pat is also the founder of Smart Passive Income where he documents and shares all of his online business strategies and experience. SmartPassiveIncome.com is the home of his popular blog and his top-rated Business podcast which has over 4,000,000 downloads.